The Truck Stop Valve


The Truck Stop Valve Pays for itself in under 20 seconds. 20 seconds is the amount of time a tanker trucks bowie pump needs to suck on enough oil (when hauling water to the disposal) at today’s prices to pay for the valve. This is a very common and now 100% preventable situation.View Animation

Model No.         Description

TSV-46-GN-0         4 inch Truck Stop Valve < 1.0 Specific Gravity

TSV-46-GN-1         4 inch Truck Stop Valve > 1.0 < 1.021 Specific Gravity

TSV-46-GN-2         4 inch Truck Stop Valve > 1.022 < 1.034 Specific Gravity

TSV-46-GN-3         4 inch Truck Stop Valve > 1.031 < 1.04 Specific Gravity

TSV-46-GN-4         4 inch Truck Stop Valve > 1.04 < 1.06 Specific Gravity

TSV-4-3-GN-R/R         4 to 3 inch reducer plate

Note: Specific gravity of oil, water and emulsion should be tested to ensure proper operation of valve. If valve is moved from original install location, tank or producing well is commingled or reshot to produce from a different zone this may effect proper operation. Please refer to number stamping on top of valve and last digit in model number for specific gravity operating range. Custom weighted valves available upon request.

Water Risers
A Truck Stop Valve is fitted on the riser that retains a ball that floats on water yet sinks through oil vertically facing the top 14" flat plate upwards. As the truck sucks on fluid at upwards of 2.5 m3 per minute the ball floats allowing fluid to load. As the interface is lowered within 6 inches of the top of the riser the ball slams shut not allowing anymore fluid kicking the truck pump into neutral. Out of the last 2.5 m3 left above the riser 1.5 m3 may be loaded at a slower rate if needed.

Oil Risers Or Crossovers
The Truck Stop Valve is hung off the riser with two 90’s welded on facing the 14" plate down. As your water level rises, this prevents loading of a mixed load off the oil riser. Oil will not be allowed to be loaded till the water level is lowered. Also prevents water from going into the sales tank when installed on the crossover riser.

Also works on test cocks.

Your test tap at the 3 ft may have zero flow due to sand. Your 5 ft may have water. If there is no fluid coming out of any risers higher than that there is oil at those taps. This fills your containments slower and saving you oil and reducing the need for a Vac Truck to clean out Enviro Vaults.

Rigorous test have been done on the Truck Stop Valve with Tanker Trucks, Pressure trucks and Vac Trucks. Even at Twenty Two PSI of vacuum which loads at about 1.5 m3 per minute the Truck Stop Valve stayed open till the ball was two inches off bottom leaving 2.5 m3 of water above the riser.


  • No mixed loads
  • Eliminates oil being hauled to water disposals
  • Blow back into tanks diverted not to stir up oil
  • Ball and top plate prevents vortex mixing oil into water
  • Less oil in Enviro Vaults
  • Great for disposal suction line