Free Loader Valve



The FreeLoader valve is installed in the tubing string approx 400m down in conjunction with a tubing rotator at surface. This allows the valve to be rotated closed allowing the casing to be filled with approximately 4m3 of fluid when used in conjunction with 7 inch casing and 3.5 inch tubing. When opened the fluid is allowed to hit sand bridges as well as plugged perforations with 16 times the amount of force with zero cost to the end user once installed.

When compared to a pressure truck pushing through a two inch ball valve which is one inch open port at 100 psi loading 4m3 in 20 minutes which basically trickles down the casing  with minimal result in some situations. The freeloader at 400 m in the casing is capable of holding 4 m3 of fluid with over 300 psi of head pressure. Once opened it is released through 4 1 inch sq openings and is unloaded in minutes. Once the fluid is gone the valve is left in the open position allowing gas to break out and flow up the casing as usual.

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